Earn passive income selling unused bandwidth: Honeygain, PacketStream

Do you pay for internet? We all pay, so why not make some money on it?


Today I will introduce you to two applications that will help us with this. The first is HoneyGain, the mode of operation is fabulously simple - companies need access to the Internet from consumer IP addresses (then websites that allow you to book hotels or flights display different prices, often cheaper, and it also allows you to skip various regional blockades). You share your link (you’re a proxy), HoneyGain pays you $ 0.10 for each GB transferred. The application works in the background and does not slow down your computer and by signing up from the link below you will get an additional $ 5 free.

Register on HoneyGain and get $5 free



Another app that allows you to earn some additional money is PacketStream. Like honeygain it runs in background and sells your internet bandwidth. It also allows you (as non-business guy) to buy traffic ($1/GB) if you need.


Register on PacketStream.io